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Definition Of combust


consume by fire.

Researchers are trying to eliminate the flame, replacing it with a catalyst that combusts methane at lower temperature, emitting less smog-producing nitrogen oxide pollution.

Example Of combust

  • After washing and drying, it was combusted to recover any carbon dioxide for the radiocarbon analysis.

  • All other rockets must carry a heavy load of oxygen to combust their fuel, but the scramjet extracts its own oxygen from the atmosphere and mixes it with liquid hydrogen on board to form fuel.

  • Bomb calorimeters measure the heat released from combusting the enclosed sample, leaving behind only ash.

  • But heading down the 18th, back in the lead he enjoyed at the start of play, he nearly combusted but managed to rescue a bogey after a less than perfect approach shot, over-long chip and over-hit putt.

  • But I do love a good fight: sources have reported that the two were vacationing on the exotic beach of St. Tropez and almost combusted with fury.

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