blight Meaning in Urdu

Definition Of blight


a plant disease, especially one caused by fungi such as mildews, rusts, and smuts.

the vines suffered blight and disease

infect (plants or a planted area) with blight.

a peach tree blighted by leaf curl

Example Of blight

  • A council spokesman said: ‘This is an area that was a blight on the landscape.’

  • A leafy neighbourhood of detached and semi-detached homes much removed from the urban blight of Scottish cities.

  • Although not mentioned on the label, Benlate should also provide some level of control for anthracnose, cane blight , Septoria leaf spot, and raspberry leaf spot.

  • Approved for use on stone fruits and almonds to control brown rot, blossom and twig blight , and fruit brown rot.

  • As with other small fruits, Botrytis primarily affects ripening fruit, although under certain circumstances the fungus can cause stem blight as well.

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