bellyache Meaning in Urdu

پیٹ میں درد

Synonyms Of bellyache


Definition Of bellyache


an abdominal pain.

There were no technicians with the latest equipment waiting to help him decipher the coughs, bellyaches , chest pains, dizzy spells and fevers that ailed his patients.

complain noisily or persistently.

heads of departments bellyaching about lack of resources

Example Of bellyache

  • Anyone who's ever played road hockey has encountered the kid who bellyaches about not getting the ball enough and threatens to depart with his net if things don't go his way.

  • ‘People don't bellyache to the landlord any more, they bellyache to the Foundation,’ he explained.

  • ‘This bottle of wine that's $27 on your list is just $9 at the store down the block,’ the customer bellyaches .

  • But once more, I'm not complaining, criticizing, expressing dissatisfaction, finding fault, or bellyaching at all.

  • Conservatives are always bellyaching about how complex the tax code is and what a burden it is on the average taxpayer.

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