Definition Of wow


a sensational success.

your play's a wow

expressing astonishment or admiration.

“Wow!” he cried enthusiastically

impress and excite (someone) greatly.

they wowed audiences on their recent British tour

slow pitch fluctuation in sound reproduction, perceptible in long notes.

The CD ends on a wow note, with Enough, a deep and beautiful piece.

Example Of wow

  • A crown rests on her pale head which appears entirely devoid of hair, not a beauty by today's standards, but during the 15th century… wow !

  • And youngsters from Commonweal School were victorious, with two winning poems, which wowed the judges.

  • As the game progressed, Celtic began to control the exchanges, but some clever rearguard actions defused some promising Celtic wows , in which Ian Farrell and Tom Butler were prominent.

  • Aspiring student designers wowed the audience with their creations at a spectacular fashion show in Selby Abbey.

  • Deirdre wowed the judges with her natural beauty, fantastic personality and general warmth as a person.

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