Definition Of utopian


an idealistic reformer.

The idea of a classical republic inspired a tradition of thought which, overtaken by the new politics of reason of state in early modern times, was preserved largely in the writings of philosophers, utopians , and pamphleteers.

modeled on or aiming for a state in which everything is perfect; idealistic.

The exhibition features detailed but unrealised designs for futuristic new ways of living and utopian ideals of the perfect living space.

Example Of utopian

  • a utopian ideology

  • A deeply divided political class nourished a range of conflicting and often utopian ideological goals.

  • And to think, feeble-minded utopians like myself have denigrated what should be a time of dour reflection.

  • As ever, the utopians and cynics have both jumped into the fray.

  • As the brutal realities of civil war exploded the idealistic notion of America as a utopian paradise, romantic naturalism lost its allure.

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