Definition Of uplift


a morally or spiritually elevating influence.

their love will prove an enormous uplift

an act of raising something.

You have to sell to demonstrate actual uplifts .

an instance of being raised or increased.

the whole club has seen an uplift in confidence

an upward movement of part of the earth's surface.

this uplift happened as recently as 45,000 years ago

elevate or stimulate (someone) morally or spiritually.

people leave my shows feeling uplifted

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Example Of uplift

  • A trip to Malvern is always an uplift ; even if you don't actually go anywhere, life there is laid back when compared with this speedy metropolis even now that we have moved out right to the edge of the city.

  • After all, journalists and pundits frequently tell us, investments from abroad are key to the uplift of poor nations, especially in this era of economic globalization.

  • an uplift bra

  • At the age of 25, she had created MJM, the company that produced the first gel-filled uplift bra.

  • But if you do make the effort, it will uplift you.

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