Definition Of upended


set or turn (something) on its end or upside down.

Mr Ebener, along with other horrified spectators, was stunned when Mr Gloystein upended the magnum bottle and proceeded to pour it all over the head of Mr Ottmann.

set or turned on its end or upside down.

an upended box

Example Of upended

  • Almost worse, he says, was the insult of troops upending ashtrays, of throwing his clothes on the floor and stepping on them, and of smashing open suitcases they could easily have opened.

  • an upended box

  • But it took the council a week to collect Mr Warner's bin, and he said that when the binmen did finally arrive they simply upended his green bin in to his black bin before taking it off to landfill.

  • Frozen disks of meat were dropped onto one rotating chain; upended buns onto another.

  • Harris suggested that teachers should challenge students, upend their settled ideas, and expose them to worlds far beyond their own experiences.

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