unhurt Meaning in Hindi

अभेद्य अखंडनीय अकाट

Synonyms Of unhurt


Definition Of unhurt


not hurt or harmed.

Rebecca gave a few cries from the surprise, but was completely unhurt , thank god.

Example Of unhurt

  • A demolition worker escaped unhurt when several tonnes of rubble fell on the digger he was driving today.

  • A man and a woman got out of the car unhurt and the man was seen walking along the hard shoulder towards Leeds city centre when he was hit by the lorry.

  • As detectives searched for clues, the bank expressed relief that its employees targeted appeared to be unhurt .

  • Described as a local family man and highly experienced police officer, he was said to be shaken but unhurt following his ordeal.

  • Eager to claim pole position, he skidded off the track with two minutes left, but thankfully walked away unhurt .

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