Definition Of undegeneracy


the state or property of being degenerate.

The ‘decline of morality’ in subsequent Western culture should not be seen as a mere falling-away, but a tendency to degeneracy lying in the very standpoint of moral autonomy itself.

Example Of undegeneracy

  • A corrupting influence on young boys (nothing said about girls), a symbol of decadence and degeneracy , everything else you can imagine in between.

  • a slide into moral degeneracy

  • After 1870, religious bigotry gave way to racial bigotry; all non-Anglo Saxon peoples were described as permanently inferior due to their intellectual, moral, and physical degeneracy .

  • ‘The song is indicative of perhaps more degeneracy and depravity than I've actually experienced,’ he admits.

  • But he never succumbed to the lure of rock 'n' roll degeneracy , generally avoiding both the gossip columns and the gutter.

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