Definition Of uncouples


disconnect (something, especially a railroad vehicle that has been coupled to another).

Secondly, notions of performance should be uncoupled from notions of productivity and coupled instead with notions of quality and development.

Example Of uncouples

  • A Carman would uncouple the road engine from the train and the cars would be inspected before the yard engine came to take them to the coach yard.

  • But on his way back to the tender he unfortunately uncouples the mortar truck, detaching it from the rest of the train.

  • By uncoupling our emotions from the film's many acts of violence, he frees us to draw parallels and make connections with painfully recent history.

  • Finally, for once the idea of the ‘cutting edge’ has uncoupled itself from the notion that it must be ‘challenging.’

  • For the media industry, it is about uncoupling the value of our content from the form in which it is delivered.

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