Definition Of tittle-tattle


engage in gossip or idle talk.

Yet the latest Royal scandal reminds us that as a nation we are still in thrall to gossip and tittle-tattle about the famous - and especially royalty.

idle talk; gossip.

I reckon the gossip surrounding her breasts is just that - idle tittle-tattle .

Example Of tittle-tattle

  • Despite this he added: ‘What's important to me is not who does a particular job but that we get the message across and I'm not going to get involved in tittle-tattle and gossip about who does what.’

  • During my playing career, what passed as scandals were more along the lines of tabloid tittle-tattle than criminal investigations.

  • He is flicking idly through the tabloid tittle-tattle , recounting a story of marital strife, laughing at the expense of others, and yet again avoiding work.

  • He would become known to thousands of regular viewers as an extremely witty man with a wicked, often cutting sense of humour that deconstructed the celebrity tittle-tattle the programme was forced to report on.

  • I deplored the way that, when the two of us were alone together, he would listen to tittle-tattle for hours on end when he must have known full well that not only was it disloyal to the victims but that both of us had more important things to do.

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