Definition Of tell


(especially in poker) an unconscious action that is thought to betray an attempted deception.

But I think you could waste a poker lifetime looking for tells like those.

(in the Middle East) an artificial mound formed by the accumulated remains of ancient settlements.

He narrowly escaped being blown up by a mine when he was exploring a tell outside the city.

(of an experience or period of time) have a noticeable, typically harmful, effect on someone.

the strain of supporting the family was beginning to tell on him

communicate information, facts, or news to someone in spoken or written words.

I told her you were coming

count (the members of a series or group).

the shepherd had told all his sheep

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Example Of tell

  • tell him to go away

  • tell me how to use this machine

  • tell me the story again

  • tell me why you're here

  • tell us about your holiday

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