Definition Of tabooed


place under prohibition.

Rooted in an era that tabooed discussions of sex, he rebounded to the opposite extreme and exaggerated the roles of sex and sexual conflict in the development of the psyche.

Example Of tabooed

  • Almost all animal flesh is edible and nutritious, yet most human societies taboo many of the animal species available to them.

  • As for myself, I no longer care for chemical research, and science is a tabooed topic in my household.

  • As the child accepts that bodily products such as excrement and vomit are tabooed as repugnant and dirty, simultaneously it begins to form concepts of cleanliness and propriety that work toward defining the emergent sense of selfhood.

  • Clearly it was she, and felt sorry for the creature outside, that she was tabooed never to speak with.

  • Conversely, in some cultures, when a person dies, his or her name and similar sounding words may be tabooed , so new words have to be coined or borrowed.

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