Definition Of suicides


intentionally kill oneself.

If the men who suicided to hurt us did so thinking that they would be poisoning us and future generations with the kind of hate and lust for revenge that seems to have wrecked you, then they failed and their deaths were utterly without meaning.

the action of killing oneself intentionally.

Her father committed suicide, her mother attempted suicide and she is co-founder of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.

Example Of suicides

  • A would-be suicide was talked out of hanging himself from a public bridge - only to be promptly charged with assault.

  • After, on average, more than twenty-six years, ninety-four per cent of the would-be suicides were either still alive or had died of natural causes.

  • But in fact more than half have not been convicted of anything, and are placed here by social services because they are runaways, potentially violent, self-harmers or potential suicides .

  • But, as in the case of his father, that would have been less a gesture of bipartisanship than an act of political suicide .

  • Eight anarchist trade unionists were arrested: four were hanged, one committed suicide in prison and the remaining three were eventually pardoned.

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