Synonyms Of strongroom

Definition Of strongroom

a room, typically one in a bank, designed to protect valuable items against fire and theft.

Tahr watched as guards locked and bolted the heavy door to the strongroom where the cargo from the wreck had been stacked.

Example Of strongroom

  • Aethris is ready in the engineerium, Verdana's out on deck, acting as lookout, and Rakael's in the strongrooms , counting out treasure again.

  • After a series of blasts, the strongroom was located by one E C Miller, who forced it with a hammer and chisel.

  • All the robbers then gained access and staff were locked in the records room after the strongroom was unlocked.

  • Bester told Judge Siraj Desai that he thought it was ‘a bit odd’ to be meeting in the specially-adapted strongroom .

  • Haig's bank manager had been warned by telephone to expect a party with valuable goods to be deposited in his strongroom .

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