Definition Of strongbox


a small lockable box, typically made of metal, in which valuables may be kept.

Here they find a mysterious island where their father has a metal strongbox buried in a ruined outhouse.

Example Of strongbox

  • A pair of shoes is set neatly on the wooden floor, a strongbox is just visible beneath the bed, and at its foot is a blanket trunk.

  • A scroll was left on the nightstand, and the figure stooped to open the strongbox and swiftly redistribute the coins.

  • Elegant and inventive, all are in effect strongboxes , made of toughened laminated and bonded glass.

  • Eventually, he did come across some documents found in a lead strongbox (found by a very old doctor).

  • For Prints, Conner arranged a set of his fingerprints produced at the Palo Alto Police Department along with a strongbox containing file folders.

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