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(in jazz or popular music) a tune or song with a fast tempo and a heavy beat.

Like Aerosmith at its best, Buckcherry has both the rhythmic sway to go with its rock-and-roll stomp and the raw charisma to get away with its period pretensions.

tread heavily and noisily, typically in order to show anger.

Martin stomped off to the spare room

Example Of stomp

  • A revivalist stomp and blissed-out sludge chords fight for transcendence in ‘Dead for a Sun.’

  • As always however, their stomp would matter little without the melodies on which they're draped.

  • ‘Blood From Zion’ is a thick, unstoppable stomp slathered in harsh, unintelligible wails.

  • ‘Nan True's Hole’ by Miller is a brutal stomp , while the keyboardist's title track is as lovely a homage to the joys of electric piano as has ever been caught on tape.

  • But there's something altogether more hypnotic and powerful about Emetrex that keeps drawing you in and tugging at your ears until you're fully submerged in their bristling stoner-rock stomp .

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