Definition Of stand-offish


distant and cold in manner; unfriendly.

Example Of stand-offish

  • Although her publicity shots present her as a sultry, moody, sleepy-eyed blonde with a slightly sneering, stand-offish expression, Herbert couldn't be more down-to-earth, likeable and friendly.

  • Although initially stand-offish , Sistani ordered his people to co-operate with the Americans.

  • An odd thing for anybody to do, but for an Australian particularly in a side like that, in a touring side, it was regarded as being pretty stand-offish , they didn't like it.

  • Even the fiercest Rottwieler or the stand-offish German Shepherd becomes as timid as a doe when Murugan takes them by the leash.

  • Even the most stand-offish of neighbours had no choice but to bump into each other on the stairs.

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