Definition Of stamps


a block for crushing ore in a stamp mill.

Work was immediately started, and the 300 additional stamps were dropping in May, 1890, thus making a total of 540 stamps crushing ore from the Treadwell mine.

a small adhesive piece of paper stuck to something to show that an amount of money has been paid, in particular a postage stamp.

In recognition of his work, the Indian Government also released a commemorative stamp in 1971 to mark his 123rd birth anniversary.

affix a postage stamp or stamps onto (a letter or package).

We have no idea of Joe's medical history, but were we to see his files, they would be stamped in bold, red letters: SANE.

an act or sound of stamping with the foot.

He heard the steps of delicate feet, the stamp of the horses' hooves, and then a sound like silk sliding against silk.

an instrument for stamping a pattern or mark, in particular an engraved or inked block or die.

Relief printing uses the principle of a stamp in that the artist cuts away from a block what is not needed in the design.

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