Definition Of squeal


a long, high-pitched cry or noise.

we heard a splash and a squeal

inform on someone to the police or a person in authority.

she feared they would victimize her for squealing on their pals

make a long, high-pitched cry or noise.

the girls squealed with delight

Example Of squeal

  • Ahead, Lys was squealing excitedly to another friend.

  • All Krystal could do was laugh, bellyaching squeals of laughter, as she watched Sid performing a little jig trying to get the ants off.

  • All the girls were squealing while the guys were laughing so hard they had to hold onto the furniture in order to stay standing.

  • And God only knows what that is out there squeaking and squealing the soprano parts.

  • And I see again the old bitch squealing under the mass of snarling teeth, the stick catching her back knocking her to the ground.

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