Definition Of spire


a tapering conical or pyramidal structure on the top of a building, typically a church tower.

He enjoyed a reputation for building tall elegant masonry structures such as church towers and spires .

the upper tapering part of the spiral shell of a gastropod mollusk, comprising all but the whorl containing the body.

However, the upper spire whorls of P. calafia are shorter than the corresponding ones on P. acuminata.

Example Of spire

  • A palace had spires and towers; this was one solid structure, a gigantic rectangle imposed on the landscape.

  • A stupa was originally a burial mound enshrining relics of a holy person, but over the centuries this has developed into tall, spired monuments.

  • By traipsing through them, we can map out the route to the golden spires and around the crocodile pits of this emerging sub-genre.

  • Conical spires on top support pinnacles that enabled the towers to obtain the coveted height record.

  • Connected to the tips of each spire was a crescent moon.

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