Definition Of spall


a splinter or chip, especially of rock.

Any cracks, chips, holes, dips or spalls should be repaired in order to achieve a flat surface.

break (ore, rock, stone, or concrete) into smaller pieces, especially in preparation for sorting.

Example Of spall

  • A spall liner and mine protection carpet are installed to minimise the secondary effects of armour penetration and mines.

  • A previous owner had applied a sealant to these walls, trapping water inside that had rusted the rebar and caused the blocks to crack and spall .

  • A slick finish won't get dusty, but be careful not to get air-entrained concrete where air can get entrapped below the troweled surface, leading to spalls .

  • After cooling the staircase and considerable spalling of the plaster work ceased, crews continued upstairs to finally extinguish the first floor.

  • Altar Q's stone legs are today badly spalled , for they also protected the monument's main block from the same destructive process of groundwater transpiration that left them wrecks.

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