Definition Of smash


a bankruptcy or financial failure.


a mixture of liquors (typically brandy) with flavored water and ice.

Have a smash of the brandy before it's all gone.

a very successful song, film, show, or performer.

a box-office smash

an act or sound of something smashing.

he heard the smash of glass

move so as to hit or collide with something with great force and impact.

their plane smashed into a mountainside

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Example Of smash

  • a box office smash

  • a box-office smash

  • A call has been made for a complete overhaul of school transport safety after more than 50 children were involved in a horror smash on Friday afternoon.

  • a car smash

  • A Chapmanslade motorist lost control of his van in a snowstorm moments before he was killed in a head-on smash , an inquest heard on Monday.

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