small fry Meaning in Hindi

लघु तुलना

Definition Of small fry


insignificant people or things.

high-ranking officials escaped prosecution while numerous small fry were imprisoned

young fish, animals, or children.

We were surrounded instead by scores of other boats, all equally idle, and the only fish I saw all day were the silvery small fry used for bait, swimming in tight circles in their holding tank.

Example Of small fry

  • A couple of set-top games for the small fry and DVD-ROM links to more games online round out the first disc.

  • And that leaves the economic field open to domination by the faster growing, more ecologically destructive players - and elimination of the small fry .

  • And the small fry depend less on last-minute, high-fare business travelers who were already pulling back.

  • ‘He was relatively a small fry ,’ says Geis, commenting on Kopper's role as the outsider.

  • But this strategy has sometimes backfired when small fry didn't play along.

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