Definition Of slips


(of a person or animal) slide unintentionally for a short distance, typically losing one's balance or footing.

Every time I get up onto the Olympia stage, I fear slipping and falling during the performance.

a creamy mixture of clay, water, and typically a pigment, used especially for decorating earthenware.

The solution proved to be applying layers of slip to a damp surface.

a cutting taken from a plant for grafting or planting; a scion.

Alternatively, they may sell the slips to those who are seeking to increase the amount of cane they can sell at the government's price.

a fall to a lower level or standard.

a continued slip in house prices

a leash that enables a dog to be released quickly.

The slips are constructed of extremely durable nylon webbing and use large metal D rings at the sides of the neck to release the dog quickly.

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