Definition Of slaughter


kill (animals) for food.

When I say meat, I do mean slaughtered animals killed for food.

the killing of animals for food.

The course covers meat processing from slaughter to packaging, food preparation and export compliance, health and safety, and communication skills.

Example Of slaughter

  • A right hook flush to the jaw followed by a straight left and another right hook to the trapped Cecane, prompted referee Lulama Mtya to step in and stop the one-sided slaughter .

  • an absolute slaughter by the Red Sox

  • As the toll of dead seals increased, charter boat skippers around Oban who make their money from nature-loving tourists, demanded immediate action to stop the slaughter .

  • At least 7,000 animals already face slaughter .

  • Both pathogens can colonise the intestines of beef cattle and get into the food chain during slaughter at the abattoir.

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