Definition Of shiver


(of a person or animal) shake slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold, frightened, or excited.

they shivered in the damp foggy cold

a momentary trembling movement.

she gave a little shiver as the wind flicked at her bare arms

break into splinters or fragments.

the world seemed to shiver into a million splinters of prismatic color

each of the small fragments into which something such as glass is shattered when broken; a splinter.

I like to look at the way that small shivers and fragments of light, escape through a teeny gap in the curtains, throwing quirky shapes upon the wall or ceiling.

Example Of shiver

  • 'Do it,' he replied with a shiver.

  • A shiver of excitement ran through him, mixed with with fear.

  • A shiver of pleasure went down her spine as she turned to look at him.

  • A shiver racked his body, making his step ever so slightly falter.

  • A deep shiver coursed its way down his spine and into his feet.

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