Definition Of sequestrate


another term for sequester.

Example Of sequestrate

  • A legal attack was waged against the union, during which there were repeated efforts to sequestrate its assets.

  • An application by the corporation seeking to sequestrate the assets of the Union has already been adjourned until later this month.

  • Eventually the bailiff was charged and his property sequestrated , the governor was removed and later arrested, and - fifteen years after the original dispute - compensation payment made by the estate to some of the peasants.

  • It is preceded by a writ and operates by sequestrating all the real and personal property of the union or person subject to the order, and is cumulative to other methods of enforcing an order such as committal.

  • The fear that during unofficial strikes the courts could sequestrate the unions' funds has made the bureaucracy shy away from using the kind of tactics required to win disputes.

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