Definition Of seizes


(of a feeling or pain) affect (someone) suddenly or acutely.

he was seized by the most dreadful fear

(of a machine with moving parts or a moving part in a machine) become stuck or jammed.

The engine seized up on it, or I never would've sold it to that high-school kid who wanted to fix it up in shop class.

be in legal possession of.

Subject to these general propositions we must turn to English procedural law in order to determine at what point of time an English Court is seised of the proceedings.

fasten or attach (someone or something) to something by binding with turns of rope.

strongly appeal to or attract (the imagination or attention).

the story of the king's escape seized the public imagination

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Example Of seizes

  • A foreign emotion seized Jason as he watched the scene.

  • A large haul of weapons was also seized in the raids.

  • A transit van was also seized by officers, who are continuing their investigation.

  • After years of growing estrangement, cricket recognised its chance to seize the public's imagination.

  • All the clutter on his desk was spread out in front of me, and a great curiosity seized me.

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