Definition Of screening


a showing of a movie, video, or television program.

It also seeks to prohibit the screening of films, television programs and advertisements without a license.

conceal, protect, or shelter (someone or something) with a screen or something forming a screen.

her hair swung across to screen her face

pass (a substance such as grain or coal) through a large sieve or screen, especially so as to sort it into different sizes.

Mesh barriers or sieves can screen out anything larger than a certain size from incoming water.

project (a photograph or other image) through a transparent ruled plate so as to be able to reproduce it as a halftone.

refuse separated by sieving grain.

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Example Of screening

  • A new method of cervical smear test screening is being developed which could save hundreds of lives.

  • After an initial screening and baseline blood tests, the patients were randomly divided into four groups.

  • All subjects underwent a thorough medical screening to exclude symptomatology or clinical evidence of hepatobiliary disease.

  • Also for the first time, HBO is running a contest, ‘Home to Rome’, for viewers in connection with the screening of the film.

  • An opening night premiere party will follow the screening , and all films will show at the Oak Street Cinema.

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