Definition Of schism


a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.

He entered federal parliament in 1928 and was defeated at the end of 1931 as the Australian Labor Party succumbed in NSW to a schism between the federal party and the supporters of J. T. Lang.

Example Of schism

  • A dangerous schism in the Russian party developed with the emergence of the view known as Economism.

  • A further schism developed among those favoring the colony's existence.

  • Although he survived the motion, it caused a schism in the government and among coalition partners.

  • And while successive popes soon fell into the era of the papal schism , and then into the Reformation and the fracturing of the western Church, the claims of Benedict were long maintained in somewhat more subtle and nuanced forms.

  • At the parish level, the fear of schism ensured that the church remained a militant one, committed to the policies of Catholic reform first promulgated by the council of Trent.

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