Definition Of scandalizes


reduce the area of (a fore-and-aft sail) by lowering the head or raising the boom.

shock or horrify (someone) by a real or imagined violation of propriety or morality.

One of my earliest convictions in becoming Catholic is that the Faith scandalizes us (different people in different ways) and that the scandal is a judgment on us, not on the Faith.

Example Of scandalizes

  • A person of weak morals would have gone out to scandalise his colleagues even on matters he agreed with.

  • As a youth he had scandalized his family by studying medicine, and had published at Rome, at great expense, a treatise on the difficulty of belching while lying down.

  • Australia's continuing loss of defence capability would scandalise the Australian people if the whole truth were to be revealed.

  • He was scandalised by her moral stand on political issues.

  • His father has been scandalising us for years, despite repeated attempts to muzzle him.

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