Definition Of requisition


an official order laying claim to the use of property or materials.

I had to make various requisitions for staff and accommodations

demand the use or supply of, especially by official order and for military or public use.

the government had assumed powers to requisition cereal products at fixed prices

Example Of requisition

  • requisition form

  • requisition of grain at the point of a gun proved a novel experience for the peasantry

  • Alicia, I hate to do this to you after all the work you did to requisition those spare cots for our refugees, but it turns out we won't need them.

  • Arranged in a crescent, the charges tore up the ground in huge trenches; Leral had requisitioned the highest-grade powder Gratze had, and this night, it had worked to satisfaction.

  • As he cycled the inner lock I said, ‘Kusaa, if you be good enough to requisition the supplies, we'll clean up a bit.’

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