Definition Of repudiates


refuse to accept or be associated with.

We live in a society that has forgotten, and repudiated , its past.

Example Of repudiates

  • As caput mansi or head of the household, the husband of the mother of the twin boys, should he choose to repudiate his wife, would be following a convention deemed appropriate to protect the social order with respect to unfaithful wives.

  • breach of a condition gives the other party the right to repudiate a contract

  • But his large vote doesn't indicate that Brazil has repudiated market-friendly policies.

  • But their cult is now in disarray, and the best writing of the moment has repudiated useless dogmas in favor of the fundamentals of storytelling.

  • Carteret's wife Olivia, for her part, is determined to repudiate the legal and moral claims of her mulatto half-sister - Janet Miller - on their father's estate.

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