Definition Of reprimand


a rebuke, especially an official one.

The destruction of the Afghan Buddhas was met with reprimands from our officials, while ancient religious sites in our own country are being turned into quarries.

rebuke (someone), especially officially.

officials were dismissed or reprimanded for poor work

Example Of reprimand

  • All were found guilty, receiving sentences varying from discharge and detention to a fine and reprimand .

  • Although Mutius's death is horrific in its own right, Rome does not reprimand Titus for his action.

  • Although one American Eastern Catholic bishop has recently ordained a married man in America without reprimand from the Vatican, most Eastern bishops simply lack the courage to act on what the law clearly permits.

  • Anse reprimands his boys for being disrespectful of himself and his wife.

  • ‘The person who did this has been reprimanded and has now left the company,’ he added.

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