Definition Of remaining


not yet used, dealt with, or resolved; outstanding.

they advertised for any remaining creditors to come forward

still existing, present, or in use; surviving.

Lilly was my last remaining close relative

still to happen; future.

it will likely take six wins in the eight remaining games

Example Of remaining

  • At first, the population of the area simply became more concentrated around the remaining waterways.

  • Concern has been expressed about the long term survival of the Island's last two remaining limekiln structures.

  • Ejido commissioner Juan Gomez worries about the troops encamped in Banco Nuevo's remaining community forests.

  • GenoMed's SNPs may pick up the remaining 95 % of sporadic breast cancer cases in white women, i.e. in women without a strong family history of breast cancer.

  • However, Hatcher succeeded in shipping the remaining treasure to Germany.

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