Definition Of raise


(in poker or brag) an increase in a stake.

It is usual to agree, before the start of the game, a limit for bets and raises in the poker stage.

abandon or force an enemy to abandon (a siege, blockade, or embargo).

In 1836 the British Legion helped raise the siege of San Sebastián, and regular Royal Marines arrived to garrison a nearby port.

an act of lifting or raising a part of the body while holding a weight.

bent-over raises

an increase in salary.

he wants a raise and some perks

bring (someone) back from death.

God raised Jesus from the dead

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Example Of raise

  • A project in the Himalayas diverts 6 million litres of sewage per day that would otherwise be dumped into the Ganges and uses it to raise fodder crops.

  • Being a farm girl, I felt certain I could raise crops, tend livestock, and hunt game to feed my family.

  • Besides, she thought, a little excitement would help raise her spirits.

  • But when the slums are burnt down to raise high rise buildings, they are completely quiet, they don't protest.

  • Calling a bet, then digging back into your chip pile and declaring a raise is called a string-raise.

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