Definition Of pyche


a Hellenistic personification of the soul as female, or sometimes as a butterfly. The allegory of Psyche's love for Cupid is told in The Golden Ass by Apuleius.

the human soul, mind, or spirit.

Music is something that exists in the ether, if you like, yet has this huge impact on the human psyche , heart and soul.

Example Of pyche

  • According to commentators, through the eating of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, the tendency to do evil was internalized within the human psyche .

  • But as a psychologist what fascinated him was what he saw as the highest achievement of the individuation principle - the human psyche in its fullest possible development.

  • But the mind, the psyche , the soul struggles to find itself again and to situate itself in a world whose features have been altered by disaster.

  • Hindu society has been the meeting point as well as the melting pot of as many spiritual visions as the human psyche is capable of springing up spontaneously.

  • I will never really fathom the female psyche

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