Definition Of pullulate


breed or spread so as to become extremely common.

the pullulating family

Example Of pullulate

  • A big-book writer launching himself at hard subjects like war and race and sex and ‘ pullulation ’ and America's remarkable decline.

  • Although he never married, Hooker's flat on the Brighton sea-front pullulated with friends, widows of friends and innumerable godchildren.

  • And books, everywhere, sprouting like mushrooms in a greenhouse, pullulating on shelves, in shoots that teeter at navel height like cubist stalagmites.

  • In some areas, this pullulation of alternatives has few costs.

  • It had one other advantage; at a time when the young king was taking his first steps as a ruler, the Mentor, as Maurepas was generally known, provided a screen between him and the pullulating factions of Versailles.

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