Definition Of press


a device for applying pressure to something in order to flatten or shape it or to extract juice or oil.

a flower press

a forcible enlistment of men, especially for the navy.

Any English-speaking, able-bodied, man on leave in a port might find himself swept up in the press .

a large cupboard.

The fitted kitchen/breakfast room features a number of built-in presses , worktops and cupboards and plenty of food preparation space.

a printing press.

Windows are added at street level so that passers-by can watch the press and printmakers at work.

an act of pressing something.

the system summons medical help at the press of a button

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Example Of press

  • press 2 to continue

  • press coverage

  • press gently to accelerate

  • press the dough into the baking tin

  • press the lid down to open it

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