Definition Of plead


make an emotional appeal.

they pleaded with Carol to come home again

present and argue for (a position), especially in court or in another public context.

using cheap melodrama to plead the case for three prisoners

Example Of plead

  • A court should only grant a motion for particulars where they are necessary for the moving party to plead and the particulars are not within the knowledge of the moving party.

  • As counsel for the Bank has pointed out, the Statement of Defence does not plead unconscionability.

  • ‘The police will create problems for you and us also sir,’ was how a restaurant manager at Dilsukhnagar pleaded with a group of doctors.

  • But the various cities and counties have continued to plead poverty in the hope of receiving aid from central government.

  • But there is nothing more distasteful that backpackers landing in developing countries and pleading poverty.

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