Definition Of pilot


a person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft.

Jann has posted a collection of conversations between airline pilots and airport control towers.

a television program made to test audience reaction with a view to the production of a series.

Mulholland Drive was originally produced as a pilot for a television series, but it was abandoned because ABC found the plot too obscure.

act as a pilot of (an aircraft or ship).

Ellis and Morscheck were piloting the aeroplanes through a manoeuvre in which one aircraft rejoins the other five while flying in a formation barrel roll on January 21.

done as an experiment or test before introducing something more widely.

a two-year pilot study

test (a plan, project, etc.) before introducing it more widely.

other schools were piloting such courses

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Example Of pilot

  • pilot scheme

  • A flat-share sitcom that aired as a pilot in Comedy Playhouse and then graduated to a full series.

  • a two-year pilot study

  • After missing two tides because there were no pilots available the coaster Fast Will was allowed to sail for the Trent on Sunday unpiloted, leading another ship also without a pilot .

  • Askham Grange wants to build on its progressive reputation by introducing a pilot scheme that would keep mothers and children together until school age.

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