Definition Of picnics


an outing or occasion that involves taking a packed meal to be eaten outdoors.

Telling his wife to invite Liena, he declared that he would borrow his father's car and take them out for a picnic in the country.

have or take part in a picnic.

We picnic on a small beach and find a giant fish jawbone.

Example Of picnics

  • And this was labor day, a holiday when families here would traditionally head for that park and hold picnics , barbecues, play ball, sunbathe and relax at the end of a super hot summer.

  • As with almost all American holidays, it had become a day for feasting, for picnics and barbecues, for BIG SALES!

  • At one point, during a picnic in the garden, we had a fox come over and beg for scraps.

  • During summers, Danny rode his pony and we all went for long country walks and picnics .

  • Eating outside is becoming the norm this season with probably more wine being drunk in the garden, at picnics , and at almost every ‘al fresco’ than the last six summers put together.

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