Definition Of phraseologies


a mode of expression, especially one characteristic of a particular speaker or writer.

This phraseology , Lakoff argues, implies first that tax is a burden or a virulent disease which cries out for a cure.

Example Of phraseologies

  • ‘The phraseology used in the past is not going to disappear because of the new guidelines,’ he said.

  • But most readers can probably recognize the cloying phraseology as self-serving.

  • Even in social circles there are serious attempts to change some words and phraseologies to remove the connotations that these terminologies have acquired over a long time.

  • Hardy's rhetoric allows the critic to overlook the simple wrongness of Tess's act, and mask it in a neutral phraseology more appropriate to suicide or death by natural causes than homicide.

  • I know that my phraseology and way of putting things is sometimes a bit direct.

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