Definition Of periodical


a magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals.

Under the Act, newspapers, magazines and periodicals are exempt from the need to be qualified to give advice.

occurring or appearing at intervals; occasional.

she took periodical gulps of her tea

Example Of periodical

  • A methodical and periodical assessment of the scholastic ability of students is more important than judging them by just one examination.

  • Again, in German-speaking countries the periodical publication of printed papers began quite early.

  • At periodical intervals, the network returns the data to a central control room by cellular phone, satellite, or a conventional telephone circuit.

  • But the democratic process leaves it open to the citizens as a whole, in periodical elections, to bless or oppose the plans or decisions of particular parties or groups or clans of politicians.

  • Canada has had periodical reminders of these disturbing social problems over the last several years and a lot of money has been spent in attempts to stem the loss of life.

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