Definition Of pattered


make a repeated light tapping sound.

The sound of rain pattering on the roof woke Miles up.

talk at length without saying anything significant.

She pattered on and on as we walked out the ramp to the airplane and were seated in the last row of the First Class section.

Example Of pattered

  • A light rain pattered down over them as they rode along, talking about nothing in particular, enjoying each other's company.

  • Amy pattered in, holding Bob in her arms, and winced.

  • And then I hear the sound of little feet and they aren't pitter pattering , they are running.

  • Bare feet pattered on cold stone, the quick breaths shallow from exhaustion, Ayla and Dylan ran on in pursuit of the two shadowy figures.

  • Benjamin pattered across the kitchen to his mother and grabbed her skirts.

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