Definition Of patter


a repeated light tapping.

the rain had stopped its vibrating patter above him

make a repeated light tapping sound.

a flurry of rain pattered against the window

rapid or smooth-flowing continuous talk, such as that used by a comedian or salesman.

slick black hair, flashy clothes, and a New York line of patter

talk at length without saying anything significant.

she pattered on incessantly

Example Of patter

  • a patter song of invective

  • All I can hear is the light patter of the rain outside, and the sound of water dripping from my drenched self onto the car seat.

  • And, as always, you can try your patter on the audience with the $50 joke competition.

  • But after this pile-up of patter , the best he can do is to accept that the poor creature is incorrigible.

  • But I can't make myself pause and inhale the view today, instead I patter down the steps towards the rose gardens and another wedding.

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