Definition Of parricides


the killing of a parent or other near relative.

While Oedipus loses his ability to name his parents due to his incest and parricide, Augustus loses his power to recognize parricide and incest because he has been denied the freedom to know his parentage.

Example Of parricides

  • And Bacon did not allude to the tragic sequel - incest and parricide - as if his Oedipus has emerged triumphant, blessed by his wound and thereby bestowing blessings.

  • Both were executed, along with 52 others suspected of involvement in the machinations of Batz, dressed in red, the colour of parricide .

  • Eventually the narrative reaches its climax and the tantalizing underworld of desire and fear destroys itself in an orgiastic frenzy of voyeurism, a chase with guns, violence, and an Oedipal parricide .

  • Freud emphasises parricide , both in regard to the Oedipal urge and to the primal horde, where sons kill the father.

  • Freud guessed that the murder of Moses reinforced the inherited sense of guilt dating from the primal parricide described above, and caused a lasting unconscious sense of guilt in the Jewish people.

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