Definition Of pack


(of players) form or take their places in a scrum.

we often packed down with only seven men


a group of wild animals, especially wolves, living and hunting together.

Remember wolves hunt in packs but the wolf will take care of the sick, feed the old first, they do all of that.

a hot or cold pad of absorbent material, especially as used for treating an injury.

Frostbite is a recognized danger of the use of cold packs of ice therapy for sports injuries and soft tissue trauma.

a knapsack or backpack.

a small cardboard or paper container and the items contained within it.

a pack of cigarettes

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Example Of pack

  • a pack of cigarettes

  • A pack of papers fell out into her lap, along with a single letter.

  • a pack of wolves will encircle an ailing prey

  • a sixteen-year-old can make a fortune selling drugs and pack a gun in the process

  • an information pack

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