Definition Of outflank


move around the side of (an enemy) so as to outmaneuver them.

Fifteen hundred troops were landed to outflank the forts.

Example Of outflank

  • an attempt to outflank the opposition

  • And it was the Japanese, too, who achieved the most astounding military victory in Malaya in 1942 with the assistance of the bike, which their army used to outflank the ponderous British forces.

  • As each side tried to outflank the other, a ‘race to the sea’ developed and this meant that huge trench systems took shape from the Swiss border through all of northern France.

  • ‘We're going to outflank the enemy and catch them by surprise,’ she told them.

  • But finding his army outflanked by Cromwell, he moved south in August, making for the old royalist strongholds of Wales and the west midlands.

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